DIY Child’s Skateboard Upcycle Guide

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My husband found this (once) well-loved skateboard and brought it home for our son. Our son played with it for a few hours then quickly lost interest. I can’t blame him since it really doesn’t spark much, visually speaking. Each time I found myself wanting to get rid of it, I always changed my mind because it was still good, just rough around the edges. Then one day after my son had a riveting battle with the villains of Gotham City it hit me. I was going to upcycle this battered old thing to something even the Guardian of the Night couldn’t pass up.

The whole project took me about 30 minutes and most of that was just waiting for paint to dry. I searched online and found a “batman” design I could send to my vinyl cutter. (it was FREE!) Then I designed the oval around it, sized it to fit the board and pressed print! We’ll get back to the stenciling later, but first this board needed a new paint job!

Bringing an Old Skateboard Back to Life

Here’s my Caped Crusader painting his board a solid base, using black, “like the night” he tells me. Then he was off to capture Joker and Two-Face who (once again) were up to no good.

DIY Child's Skateboard Upcycle Guide 1

While he was off playing, I added dark blue around the edges to help those blue wheels pop.

DIY Child's Skateboard Upcycle Guide 2

Adding the Stencil

DIY Child's Skateboard Upcycle Guide 3

Here I’m putting on the stencil. I measured it to fit the middle of the board (more for my OCD than anything else) pressed it to the board and peeled back the transfer tape.

DIY Child's Skateboard Upcycle Guide 4

Next, I painted a white base followed by coats of bright yellow. Starting with white helps anytime you’re painting a light color on top of a dark one. After my paint, I gave it a minute before peeling the stencil off.

Now my little superhero has a brand new skateboard that Batman himself is envious of! Best of all, it took me 30 minutes and I already had the materials. Win-Win!

DIY Child's Skateboard Upcycle Guide 5

Have you fixed up one of your kid’s old toys? Let us know what it was in the comments below!

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